Does Taking A Driver’s Ed Course Reduce Car Crashes?

Every single day we see in the newspapers how the number of traffic accidents has grown, be it speeding, drunkenness, and lack of attention, among many other causes. It is true when we say that today people are more concerned with possessing empowerment than with being safe and driving correctly in the streets.


On the roads the situation is more alarming, even with radars, drink ban, cops on the streets, these measures are often not enough. The age group most involved in accidents is from 18 to 45 years. There are those who want to get faster, there are those who simply do not respect laws, those who do not wear seatbelts, those who drive after leaving parties completely drunk, thinking that accidents can happen to anyone except with themselves.


How to drive safely?


To drive safely it is necessary to keep up with the new laws and regulations, taking extra Driver’s Ed classes, for example, not drink before driving, knowing the right time to pass cars, redouble care on different types of roads, keep attention when there is fog or rain, avoid driving if you are sleepy , keeping kids in the back seat and wearing seatbelts, these are some measures that taken daily help prevent many accidents.


When an accident occurs, whether on the perimeter of the city or on the road, it is necessary that the person involved, or those who witnessed be centered and think rationally, and so make the best decision. Accidents can cause minor injuries, shock, hemorrhage, fainting, fractures, so it is important not to remove the victim from the site unless known. Even though accidents may happen anywhere and anytime, with anyone, it is essential that people worry about how to not cause them, or avoid them at all costs. More details.


How to avoid accidents the proper way?


Sometimes being careful is not enough. Having the proper knowledge and training makes the whole difference, especially when we think of driving. When you take special Driver’s Ed courses you get instructed by professionals who know how to act in the most critical moments when driving. When you already know what to do chances are way higher that you will not be involved in accidents. Being a safe driver also teaches you to avoid accidents and always pay attention to what others are doing around you.


Driving is not only about how you drive, but also how you deal with possible problems caused by the drivers around you. Driving safe and being prepares to drive properly is knowing how to prevent accidents that can be caused by others as well.


It is a fact that most people do not have the technical knowledge to use the first aid kit, some drivers take in the car, others nevertheless never bothered to use it. People need to be knowledgeable and prepared for the most diverse situations, and if it is necessary to help someone, that this attitude can save a life. Learn more details at:

What Driver’s Ed Doesn’t Teach Kids?

Most drivers’ education classes focus on the rules of the road and train kids to be as attentive as possible while they are behind the wheel of an automobile. But most drivers ed classes completely skip over basic car care information.

Studies found that around 300,000 accidents per year amongst teens are related to tire issues. This number is much higher than the number of tire-related accidents among adults.

Why Tires?

A vehicle can operate without a radio, door or even a roof. But every type of motorized automobile must have tires to smoothly transport you from one place to the next. While these critical components of a car can easily be overlooked, they’re often the source for auto crashes.

Many new car models have implemented TPMS or tire pressure monitoring systems that come standard on the car and some have them as part of a upgrade package. If you are buying a vehicle for your teen it may be worth it to invest slightly more money in order to make it easier for your teen to monitor the tire pressure of their car. Not only will it help them have more traction and keep them safe while on the road, but keeping your tires inflated to the proper psi can improve gas mileage and reduce tire wear. Saving you money in the long run assuming you are paying for the gas or tires on your kid’s car.

Teach your kid to recognize the symbols for the TPMS warning and teach them how to inflate their tires properly at any of the standard valve stations you can find at gas stations or car washes.

The study also concluded that car crashes were more likely as tire tread wears and diminishes. Twenty-six percent of auto crashes analyzed in the study involved vehicles with worn out tread measuring 0″ – 2/32″ depth.

Other Tips

Another good tip for your child is to help them pack an emergency roadside kit to keep in their car at al times to help them out if they ever are involved in an accident or if their car simply breaks down unexpectedly. The most common items to keep in their kit are as listed

  • Reflective vest to wear when outside the vehicle
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Tire tread depth measuring tool
  • First aid kit
  • Matches and roadside flares
  • Oil, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid
  • Blanket
  • Flashlight and portable radio with extra batteries
  • Tool kit including screwdrivers, wrenches and a hammer
  • Jumper cables
  • Battery charging kit
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Duct tape and cutting tool (pocket knife or scissors)
  • Bottled water and nonperishable foods (dried fruit, nuts, granola bars).

Despite the best advice and the purest intentions your child will likely encounter car trouble at some point while driving. Be sure that your insurance policy includes roadside assistance and towing if your teen is behind the wheel and you are not sure you would be available during the times your child general is driving. Good luck and stay safe out there on the road!

3 Tips to Steer Teens Into the Right Online Driver’s Ed Class

driver’s education online

Parents and students say that online car drivers ed can sufficiently prepare new drivers for the street. The web course her kid took required him to see visual videos of car accidents that were the result of drunken travelling and other irresponsible choices, she says.

In at least 15 states, new motorists can complete online driver’s education classes, according to a report from the same organization on online basic driver education.

With so many online driver’s education classes available, parents and new individuals should choose prudently. The next three tips can help ensure that an online driver’s education program is genuine.

Make sure the program is approved in a state:

“Sometimes what people can do is they’ll join a car drivers ed course that could be approved in, say, California, but not approved in Tx, and so they spend, regrettably, all that time going through a course that’s not going to work for his or her talk about,” says Michael Rogers, a previous truck driver and driving instructor. He now manages, a site that offers safe driving a car tips and reviews of online traffic and driving schools.

Potential students should talk with the state company that grips licensing, usually the office of motor vehicles or public safety, to verify an online driving university is approved, Rogers says.

Go along with a school that is around for a while:

“There are a great number of these online academic institutions that kind of pop up and they are not very high quality,” Rogers says. The best schools have been around for at least a decade, he says. At these institutions, the content is usually delivered through more complex means, he says, such as videos and interactive game titles.

Covington says that she was impressed by the car drivers ed course her boy took. He had to see videos, write reflective essays, take multiple-choice quizzes and was even required to have discussions with his parents about insurance and other subject areas, she says. Read more here:

Read the fine print:

Many commercial online traveling schools will fee a reactivation fee if a student does not complete the course within a certain amount of time, Rogers says. “I visit a lot of problems about this because people have no idea up front.”

Many car drivers ed classes run from about $50 to $100, which generally will not include when driving instruction.

Rogers also suggests that students check out a web based college through the Better Business Bureau before registering.

In Florida, where Covington lives, her home-schooled boy could take a state-run online car drivers ed course free of charge through the Florida Virtual Institution. Several others offer state-run online driver’s education classes to community college students as well.

Virginia young Jessica Bergquist, 18, said on Twitter that she had taken an online driver’s education category because she is home-schooled and it fit her budget better.

“The experience was quick and satisfying, even though a lot of computer was information I already realized, I did learn things that were new to me and this I’m sure will be beneficial to me when generating,” she said.

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Tips to be the best new driver in town

Many people have no idea as for how well they can do while driving around their town, even when they have just gotten their brand new driver´s license. Whether you like driving stick or automatic, it is very important to be the best driver you can since the very beginning. Obeying the student driver sign and all other traffic rules is the very first step towards being the best new driver in town.

We all know being a new driver can be rather scary, especially if you do not have that much practice yet. When you do have the proper training and a student driver sticker chances are people will help you get your experience in a much smoother way. The more you drive the more you will feel that being the best new driver in town is not that far away from you as you might have imagined.

Get your student driver magnet and start practicing

Now that you have the proper training and a great student driver magnet you will notice that the road is not that hard to venture yourself upon. The roads can be safe and practicing your driving skills will definitely help you face the adverse situations that might arise when you drive on a daily basis. There is no need to be afraid of driving though, even when you just started. You can try automatic cars that are way easier to drive and much more comfortable for long tours.

Now, if you are the type of driver that likes feeling your ride then driving stick is indeed the most advised for you. You will definitely be able to drive like a professional in no time, especially if you use proper items that demonstrate to people that you are a new driver. When you actually advise people you are a new driver chances are that they will not pressure you while on traffic, making your whole learning experience way better and less traumatic. Make sure you invest in the right student driver sign.

Getting the proper student driver sign

Those of you who thought it is silly or not a good idea to show you are learning to drive through the use of student driver sign should ignore said thought. When you use a proper student driver sign such as a student driver sticker you will be showing people driving around you that you are not still perfect when it comes to driving. This act will definitely soothe possible troubles you might have, making your driving lessons much more productive on a daily basis.

Make sure you have the proper gear when you start driving, and don’t forget: driving is nice; however the traffic laws and rules should be followed regardless of how much practice you have behind the wheel. As you are a new driver you will soon see and understand that driving is not the hardest of tasks in the world. Good luck and get to be the best new driver in town!

Parents! Educating Young Drivers Saves Lives and Money

educate younger drivers

Being a new driver can be extremely exciting. For parents, however, it can be a real nightmare. Being a parent means that you have an added responsibility to ensure your child understands the rules of the road, before getting behind a wheel. It doesn’t matter if they are in their teens or twenties, as a parent you really should look at getting your children clued in as to what they should expect. If you educate younger drivers, you might just help save money and, more importantly, save a life. Why? Why do you need to educate young drivers?

Younger Drivers Are More Likely To Crash

One of the most important facts you have to remember is that younger drivers, primarily under the age of 25 are more likely to have an accident. Those 25 and under are often classed as high risk and, in truth, there are increasingly more road accidents involving younger drivers. This is certainly something every parent has to think about and, even if they have a student driver sticker on their vehicle, that doesn’t mean they won’t get into an accident. The problem is, too many younger drivers aren’t always too cautious when on busy and even quieter roads and that results in an accident. Continue reading on

Males Are More Likely To Have an Accident

It’s said that women make better drivers and while everyone will have an opinion on that, it has been known for younger males to get into far more accidents than younger women! Now, if you have a son or even a nephew, it’s wise to think about getting them more education. This is very important and, in all honesty, you have to think about proper education. You can’t just look at the theory side of driving, but the practical side of driving too. A new driver – especially a male – is ten times more likely to get into an accident within their first year than any other time.

Driver’s Educational Courses Are Important

educate younger driversWhile it would be great to prevent a child from getting behind a wheel, it isn’t always possible. Children grow up and they can easily get their driver’s license which is extremely worrying, but it happens every day. That is why it’s necessary to ensure the child undertakes a driver’s educational course. These will make all the difference and while it might not stop an accident, it can certainly give them the outlet to obtain education on driving. Student driver stickers can be used on the car and you can take the young driver out and give them a basic lesson on driving. It’s a great idea.

You never know what’s Around the Corner

Driving is a dangerous thing no matter whether or not you’re a fully grown adult with 20 years of experience behind you, or are just starting out! The trouble is you don’t know what will cause an accident; whether it’s an unexpected blow-out on a tire or someone running a stop sign. That is why it’s so important to ensure drivers have the proper education to help them be wary whilst driving and take notice of every little detail. A new driver can easily avoid an accident when they have the best driving education.

Drivers Permit Practice Tests – How To Prepare For Your Driver’s Test

Drivers Permit Practice Tests

For any new driver, preparing for the driver’s test can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, for many, they end up failing on the first attempt and that really knocks their confidence. This can result in those drivers’ not taking another driving test again. That is a real waste because they could potentially be a great driver. You don’t have to fail and if you prepare effectively you can pass your driver’s test. Read this article right now!

Undertake Driver’s Educational Courses

You want to pass your test. So, first things first: you must go through a basic driver’s education course. These courses are standard elements when it comes to learning how to drive and you should consider them more so than any other course. You can get out onto the road and learn with a driving instructor or at a driver’s school. However, you can get your student driver sign up and practice parking and everything else. This is why more have to do so.

Quiz Yourself

When you have a student driver sticker, you can go out and have a practical quiz to see how much you know and how confident you are whilst on the road. However, this isn’t the only option for you to consider. You could also look at theory quizzing. Now, this is great and very useful indeed. Anyone can create a basic five or ten question quiz that covers a variety of topics and you can see how much you really know. If you don’t do well then you know it’s time to brush up a little more and if you do well, that’s perfect!

Take a Practice Test

If you’re a bit wary of taking your final test you could think about taking a few practice tests beforehand. This isn’t such a bad idea and it’s quite easy to do as well. There is plenty of great practice driving theory tests online and you should utilize them fully. You can get an idea of what sort of questions you’ll be facing for real and it’s good to quiz yourself a little more too. This can help you get a better idea of what driving things you have to remember for the upcoming test. Plus, a new driver can find this to be extremely useful.

Go Over Everything You Have Learned One Last Time

Drivers Permit Practice TestsFor a new driver about to undertake their driving test, it’s necessary to ensure you have every bit of information you’ll need within your mind. That does sound awfully difficult and a true nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. You can actually pass your test the first time around once you know what you’re doing. So, it’s best to ensure you go over every little detail and piece of information you have learned before your final test. This will ensure you remember all those little details and ensure you pass. See other news from

Take Your Test and Be Confident

When it comes to taking your driving test, most dread it and it’s not hard to see why. However, you don’t have to fear your test and you can pass it! Don’t worry if you fail on the first attempt, as you will get there eventually! As a new driver, you’ll enjoy driving safely.

Driver’s Education Online

driver’s education online

You’ve thought about getting a student driver magnet and getting behind the wheel, but how much do you really know? If you aren’t very well educated about driving then it might not be the best solution to get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle at this moment in time. In truth, when you drive a vehicle, you absolutely need to know everything about the rules of the road. However, are you really sure about what you know? Looking into driver’s education online can be a stunning idea and it certainly will ensure you get to learn everything you need.

Why Choose Online Education?

You might think learning to drive online is a bit strange, but, in reality, it’s becoming very popular and something that more are looking into. This is quite an unusual method to learn, but it’s really very impressive to say the least as it means you can learn at home. Being able to learn in the comfort of your own home can be very appealing and something that you will enjoy time and time again. You no longer have to get dressed to attend a class; you can sit behind your computer screen and enjoy learning. A new driver will love this truly and it’s very good for most as well.

Learning At Your Own Pace and In Your Own Time

Also, when you go online, you are not restricted to how or when you learn. For instance, if there are limited classes in your local area, you may be stuck traveling a fair distance or be unable to attend at all. There are some who cannot attend classes due to family and other work commitments, but an online driver’s education can be far better. When you go online you can learn from home and in your own time too, even if you’re a slow learner. A new driver can find this to be really quite effective. Being able to learn whenever you feel ready, even at three in the morning, can work for learners. Visit us now!

An Interesting Way to Learn

However, learning online can be a great idea and it certainly makes it an interesting way to learn as well. You don’t often find interesting ways to learn how to drive as most are usually stuck behind a book or wheel for hours and hours on end. This is no longer the case as you can easily learn to drive from the comfort of home. Drivers can get a student driver magnet and learn to drive online.

Accredited Course

driver’s education onlineFor any new driver, they can find that going online offers them some much needed help when it comes to learning. Now, you might not think that would be the case but it is and that is why more are choosing this. However, online courses can be accredited courses and that means you get a great course that is recognized by driving schools throughout the country. You will really enjoy learning online and it will be the very best method to help you understand how to drive more defensively. View full info coming from

Driving Can Be Easy

For thousands, they really aren’t too sure about learning to drive as they think it takes far too much time and that it’s just not practical for them personally. However, that isn’t always the case as you can get a great accredited course via the Internet. Online driver’s education can be a great idea and it certainly ensures you feel comfortable as you learn. A new driver will love this and it’s a great idea too.

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