3 Tips to Steer Teens Into the Right Online Driver’s Ed Class

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Parents and students say that online car drivers ed can sufficiently prepare new drivers for the street. The web course her kid took required him to see visual videos of car accidents that were the result of drunken travelling and other irresponsible choices, she says.

In at least 15 states, new motorists can complete online driver’s education classes, according to a report from the same organization on online basic driver education.

With so many online driver’s education classes available, parents and new individuals should choose prudently. The next three tips can help ensure that an online driver’s education program is genuine.

Make sure the program is approved in a state:

“Sometimes what people can do is they’ll join a car drivers ed course that could be approved in, say, California, but not approved in Tx, and so they spend, regrettably, all that time going through a course that’s not going to work for his or her talk about,” says Michael Rogers, a previous truck driver and driving instructor. He now manages Drive-Safely.net, a site that offers safe driving a car tips and reviews of online traffic and driving schools.

Potential students should talk with the state company that grips licensing, usually the office of motor vehicles or public safety, to verify an online driving university is approved, Rogers says.

Go along with a school that is around for a while:

“There are a great number of these online academic institutions that kind of pop up and they are not very high quality,” Rogers says. The best schools have been around for at least a decade, he says. At these institutions, the content is usually delivered through more complex means, he says, such as videos and interactive game titles.

Covington says that she was impressed by the car drivers ed course her boy took. He had to see videos, write reflective essays, take multiple-choice quizzes and was even required to have discussions with his parents about insurance and other subject areas, she says. Read more here: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110722074241AAhQhjI

Read the fine print:

Many commercial online traveling schools will fee a reactivation fee if a student does not complete the course within a certain amount of time, Rogers says. “I visit a lot of problems about this because people have no idea up front.”

Many car drivers ed classes run from about $50 to $100, which generally will not include when driving instruction.

Rogers also suggests that students check out a web based college through the Better Business Bureau before registering.

In Florida, where Covington lives, her home-schooled boy could take a state-run online car drivers ed course free of charge through the Florida Virtual Institution. Several others offer state-run online driver’s education classes to community college students as well.

Virginia young Jessica Bergquist, 18, said on Twitter that she had taken an online driver’s education category because she is home-schooled and it fit her budget better.

“The experience was quick and satisfying, even though a lot of computer was information I already realized, I did learn things that were new to me and this I’m sure will be beneficial to me when generating,” she said.

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