Amazing Shades for New Drivers

You just got your driver’s license, which means it’s time to cruise the neighborhood, pick up your friends and show off your car (well, at least your parent’s car). There are other ways you can own the cool while cruising. At Ray Ban you can find the latest sleek styles of sunglasses, sharp frames and stunning lenses at a reasonable price.  Here are some of the latest trends that kids are taking for a spin.

The Aviator

Because you are the pilot of your ride, take a pair of classic aviator sunglasses with you to the hottest spots on town. This style originated in 1937, but the iconic style never goes out of style and is still one of the most popular looks in eyewear fashion, especially with sunglasses.

Show Your Intelligent Side

Stylish, round frame sunglasses hark back to the Sixties, but the look still resonates with eyeglass designers. These retro frames express creativity and thoughtfulness. With round-frame sunglasses you are saying” “I am cool,” while all others are trying to look cool.

Vintage Shows Your Style

When you wear vintage looks you saying you are hip to the past, not just present trends. Unfold your vintage style sunglasses when you go for a spin with friends and get respect for an older crowd who will recognize the distinctive style from the 1950’s.

Should You Go Mirrored?

For some mirrored sunglasses are the best way to show how amazingly cool you are in your ride. A pair of reflective lenses sets up apart in a crowd and makes you look like a movie star when you are stopped at a red light.

Perfect for Prescription Needs

If you wear eyeglasses and need them to drive, you can still look slick and keep your eye on the road. Choose prescription sunglasses to help protect your eyes from dangerous glare while driving and see clearly as if you were wearing your everyday specs.


Save On Gas and Get Sunglass Savings

So you can enjoy your gas money longer, Ray Ban is offering coupon specials. You can get the most fantastic looks in sunglasses on sale. Get the savings today and enjoy the ride!

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